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Cleeve Town

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Road WorksCleeve Town forms the right-hand box of The Cleeve Tram Line set, and contains the tram terminus station.

The box represents part of a larger town, depicting terraced houses, pubs, shops and a cinema.

Most of the buildings are again made using Metcalfe kits. However, some of these are older kits that have been lifted from other layouts and re-purposed here, other kits were built for the box and some were built from scratch. The cinema is a scratch built example, designed by myself and based on fairly typical inner town design looks.

There is a small road works scene, with the road dug up and barriers added etc..... Totally unrealistic as there seems to be work going on!!

This box is the power and control source for the four box set. A shuttle unit is hid under the back row of low-relief shops and pub, these are loose fitted so that access t the shuttle can be gained if required. The shuttle operating directional LEDs can be seen when working through one of the shops windows switching between green and red.

As with some of the other Tram Line boxes, the track is fitted into the foam board to allow the inlaid cobble effect.

  Cleeve Town  Cleeve Town

Cleeve Town     Cleeve Town




Cleeve Town Box


Cleeve Town Top View