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Hello and welcome to my world of Model Railways.... in Box Files!

Everything on this website features model railways that have been built within standard 'off the shelf' box files. The type you would usually see around offices storing such things as finance reports, staff records and other mundane bits of paper... My boxes are far more fun!

The idea all started whilst trawling through youTube one day. I came across a few micro layouts and then one in a box file - I could try that, thought I... so I did, and discovered how much fun one could have in very small space!

I laid down a few basic ground rules for myself, and in general have stayed with them:

  • Each box made must be a self contained scene
  • The box retains all four sides and it's lid
  • Everything must fit the height of the box (around 65mm)

The boxes can be split into distinct categories:

  • Individual Boxes - These are usually Oval layouts, featuring a scene mostly in it's centre.
  • The Ivy Line - A set of four boxes joined together with track running through them. Each box is a completely separate scene.
  • The Cleeve Tram Line - A set of four boxes joined together to form a tram line, again each box is a separate scene.
  • Twin Boxes - Two box files joined together to create one larger box.
  • Box Frames - Small dioramas built into box frames that hang on the wall.
  • Micro Layouts - These are not Box Files, but small layouts that I have made

All of the boxes, so far, are modelled in N Gauge (1/148 scale).

Controls and electrics are very simple and all run off analogue controllers.

Please use the menu to explore each of these miniature worlds.


Alpine Heights     Leigh Mill   Pile of box files   Blachford Quarry

Cleeve Tram Line  Thomas & Friends  Viaduct Avenue

Latest News

 Viaduct Avenue: New Box

A simple Box File Oval depicting a small village. See it here (June 2024)

 Thomas Arrives!

Thomas & Friends has arrived! The new Twin Box File layout is now accessible via the Twin Boxes menu link. Jump straight to it here (June 2024)

 The Ivy Line in Railway Modeller!

The Railway Modeller has published my article about 'The Ivy Line' set of box files in their May 2024 issue. A very proud moment here in Box Towers! I must say they have done a fantastic job in the layout of the pages. At some point I will add the original article to the site, but for now go andgrab a copy whilst you can!! (April 2024)

 More Exhibitions Added

More (Moor?) exhibitions have been added to the Exhibitions page including a big prestige one! (April 2024)

Next Exhibition
Tunbridge Wells: 21/22 September

Moor Boxes will be at several exhibitions throughout the year. Visit the exhibitions page to find out more, or to ask us to show at your exhibition.

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