Moor Boxes

The Ivy Line

Full Trak Plan

Track Plan courtesy of Railway Modeller.

The Ivy Line is made up of four boxes next to each other lengthways. A line of track runs through the boxes from one end (IvyTown) to the other (Pukkaton Harbour) forming an end-to-end style of layout.

Each box is a complete scene in itself bearing no connection to those next to it other than the linking railway.

These layouts are built into standard foolscap boxfiles. Peco track has been used. Unlike the individual oval boxes, curves are not an issue here! The points are operated via the 'wire in tube' method with the wires pushed/pulled from the rear of the boxes. The four boxes are powered by one single controller.

Ivy Line

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A small end of line market town and brewery
View IvyTown

St.Aden's Farm

St Adens Farm

A working farm with cows and sheep
View St.Aden's Farm

Moor To Sea

Moor To sea

A caravan/holiday park with a beach
View Moor To Sea

Pukkaton Harbour

Pukkerton Harbour

The other end of the line is a small harbour town
View Pukkaton Harbour


Railway Modeller


'The Ivy Line' was featured in the Railway Modeller's May 2024 edition.

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